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What a Radio Jockey Does

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  • A radio jockey represents not only himself but his radio station as well. In some cases, he is also the voice of the city and voice of the country. Most radio jockeys are most popular in their towns, cities, and countries and this is achieved by identifying with the local populace. Therefore, a radio jockey has to keep his target audience in mind at all times. This is especially true while choosing subjects, celebrities, and music for his show. An RJ must also be skilled in conversing with members of his audience. People often call the radio station for contests and general discussions and the RJ must make the conversation appealing by taking it in different directions and making humorous commentary. His anchoring skills make or break a certain show.
  • Join The Pakfunchat Radio Network as RJ or become an RJ

    • All applying Rjs/djs must be able to mix and host their own shows and commit to a 2 hours show on the station! Before you can broadcast on The Pakfunchat Radio you will need the followin
    • A fast Broadband/ADSL Internet connection (you will need a stable upload speed of more than 256 kbps)
    • Enough vinyl / CDs for a weekly 2-hour set
    • A microphone so you can host your show.
    • Terms & Conditions:
      • You must host your show and interact with the listeners.
      • Each show must be mixed live from start to finish (no exceptions will be made on this).
      • If you play on another station you may not advertise that show on The PakFunchat Radio (this includes mentioning other stations).
      • Guest DJ/ RJs are fine but they will be expected to follow our Terms & Conditions as well.
      • You may play during your show time only or whenever permitted do not run into another RJs/DJs show.
      • All RJs/DJs are expected to turn up on time every time. if you can not make a show then contact management as soon as possible.
      • Do not share or give out our stream details or logins.
      • If you can meet above-mentioned requirements and agree to the terms & conditions send us your details.


      • This is to inform all the Rjs applying for the Pakfunchat radio station.
        1) Once you have started your show with Pakfunchat radio, you cannot leave the Radio for at least 1 month.
      • 2) If you plan to quit Pakfunchat Radio, let the management be aware of your activity prior to your leave at least 1 month before.